Yaple: Week of Sept.8

Science Fair: Students have been very good at turning in their packets on time. I must have been very optimistic when I made the schedule, because I am having a hard time keeping up with grading them. I have changed some due dates.
packet #2 is now due this week. Most are already turned in.
packet #3 (the items listed as due week of 9/8 and 9/15) are now due week of 9/23
Begin experimenting week of 9/29 (not 9/23).

I have asked the students to use the 9 steps of the Scientific Method for their experiment and write this in their journals (composition notebook).

Science: Students have finished up the station activity and we are reviewing. Test is Thursday.
Topics and review materials include: Highlighted sections on Chapter 1 guided notes
Work/Power/Simple machines worksheet
Knowing and using the formulas for speed, acceleration,
velocity, momentum, work, power, and force.
Interpretting and/or creating a graph for speed and
SI units

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