Yaple: Week of Sept. 2

Students will read and discuss Chapter 1 in class this week. The Gospel Writers project is due Thursday and the test over the Gospel Writers material will be Friday. My plan is to work through one chapter each week in the book. Chapter 1 test will be Tuesday 9/9. There may be some homework this week with answering activity questions from the chapter if there is not sufficient time in class. Please check your childs agenda on a daily bases.

Students will test over variables on Wednesday. They have done a terrific job thus far with the scientific method. Starting Thursday we will begin parts of an atom.

Science Fair:
Packet #2 is due by Friday. It is everything on the schedule that says Week of 9/2. I told the students they only need to fill in 3 of the source boxes on the 19’s (not all 10). They need to finalize their topic by the end of the week (page 17).

Chapter 1, lesson 1 quiz on Thursday. I passed out a guided notes worksheet for studying, but I told them it was optional to complete. I did encourage them to complete it because it will help them on the quiz.

Things have been going extremely well. Thank you for your support.
Sincerely, Mrs. Yaple

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