Yaple: Week of Sept. 2

Students are working on a station activity to review work/power/simple machines from last year. They are also being introduced to the concept of force. I am conferencing with students about the scientific method and science fair. As the students work through the stations, I am able to meet with individual students to provide support. This round of stations should be concluded by the beginning of next week and then we will review what was learned and test over the material. Probably Wednesday or Thursday. Each of the stations will be graded. I should have grades posted to Progress Book this week. So far they have 20 points on the scientific method test, 20 points on the variables test, and 10 points on science fair packet #1.

Science Fair:
Students are working on the items on the schedule for Week of Sept. 2. Pages 14-17 in the packet, page 17 is picking the topic, and I told the students they only need 3 of the source boxes filled in on pages 19. I have encouraged them to do some preliminary research to see if they can find enough science background information on their topic before they finalize. Points will be taken off if there is no date or parents signature on the schedule this week. Last week was a free-be.

Test scores and packets are wonderful. Thank you for your support.
Sincerely, Mrs. Yaple

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