Yaple: Week of Sept.15

306 Religion: Students are testing over Chapter 2 on Tuesday. Wednesday we will begin reading and discussing Chapter 3. All Chapter 3 activity questions and chapter review will be due on Tuesday 9/23. Reminder- No school on Monday 9/22. Teachers are at an in-service in Columbus with the Bishop.

7th grade Science: Students are learnig how to read the Periodic Table and identifying characteristics of the Families. We are reviewing through Wednesday. Test on Thursday.
TOPICS INCLUDE- parts of an atom and their charge, historical development of how the model of the atom has changed over the years (include scientists’ names and an understanding of their theories and experiments), location of Families of Elements, characteristics of the Families, calculationg the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Science Fair: Packets will be returned by the end of the week. No assignments due next week. Students should begin gathering materials. October is trials month. Each experiment should be done at least 10 tmes.

Health: Students will have a quiz on Thursday over Chapter 1 lesson 3. Optional guided notes were passed out last week to be used as study material.

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