Yaple-7: Week of 4/20/15

Religion: Students reviewed Chapter 16 today and will test on Tuesday. On Thursday there will be a test over Unit 4. Unit Wrap-up, Faith in Action plus, all the chapter activity questions and reviews from Unit 4 are Due Friday (I believe most students already have this done. They were given class time last week). We have started Chapter 17.

Science: Students are reviewing the Sun-Earth-Moon relationship along with moon phases, seasons, and eclipses. We are using an online lab, worksheets, and handouts. Most will be done in class. Plan for a test next week, Tuesday.

Health: Students have worked the last 2 weeks on a Drug Awareness project. Presentations will start Thursday.

FIELDTRIP: THIS FRIDAY. PLEASE BE SURE TO PACK A LUNCH W/DRINK. Students are to wear jeans or sweats with any casual day approved shirt. They do not have to be in Spirit shirts.

Dance: Students were asked to design the cover of the 8Th grade Dance Invitation. The assignment includes 4 rough drafts and one final copy. There will be a letter going home this week with more dance details. Please look for it. We need a few parent volunteers. The date is May 16th.

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