Yaple-7: Week of 1/26/15

Religion: Students are reviewing Chapter 11 on Monday and will take the test on Tuesday before our Visitor’s Day Activities begins. We will complete Chapter 12 reading and highlighting by Friday and the Chapeter review will be due next Monday. Poverty Project #2 is Due on Thursday. The Poverty Projects are entered for religion, health, and LA.

Reminders: Students are to bring their House Shirt for Tuesday’s Dance Off.

Science: Students will be working in the lab on the concepts of Conservation of Energy and transfer of energy. Material is from Chapter 5 and 6 in the book. Testing over the material will be 2/5 or 2/6.

Health:Students are creating a Google Slide presentation over body systems. They will work in health and computer class this week. Presentations should be ready on 2/5.

I will be out of the class room on Thursday. I am judging Bishop Flaget’s Science Fair.
Have a good week.

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