Yaple: Science Fair Week of 1/5/15

Science Fair will soon be here and the culmination of 20 weeks worth of work will be realized.
I spent many hours reading the written reports and have found them to be very well written. A few common mistakes have been missing components of the report such as references. I will add points for the missing components as soon as the students show me they have them completed. I will need the written report, the rubric and the missing pages submitted by the end of the week.

All reports will be returned on Monday so there will be plenty of time to make corrections before the 14th. Some pages that I thought needed work I wrote on. Other pages that had minor errors, I just wrote suggestions on the rubric. All corrections should be made before the judging. Remember, students will be given the judging score as part of their overall grade for science this quarter.

The first part of the week students will be analyzing their reports and making corrections for homework. Students will then practice their presentation infront of the class. This is just practice and a grade will not be taken. I will use a judges score sheet to write down suggestions and the student will have that score sheet to use as reference. All students should be reading their research paper, written report, and packet this week. Practicing at home will also prove to be very beneficial. BE SURE TO KNOW THE VARIABLES OF YOUR EXPERIMENT.

I am looking for a volunteer to make sure lunch for the judges is ready on time. Heating and serving the food and making sure the judges have what they need in the Spirit Center while I am in the gym is where I need help. I will have the food mostly prepared. I could use a dessert if anyone feels like baking. Cookies or brownies would be great.

Please make sure you do not schedule an appointment for that morning. We need to be done by the time the younger grades come into the gym to eat. I try to keep things moving, but some judges take longer than others and some categories are quite large.

I want to thank you for all your support. I feel a lot of students will make it to districts if they can interview well.There are some very interesting projects. Please have students bring their 3-sided display on Monday. A seperate grade will be added for the display.

Mrs. Yaple

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