Yaple-8: Week of Sept. 28

Science: Students have worked the last two weeks on station activities focusing on Newton’s 3 laws of Motion. This week we have been reviewing the station lab sheets and additional handouts. Part 1 test will be Thursday Oct. 2. Concepts covered on the test include knowing and applying the 3 Laws of Motion, vocabulary from Chapter 2 Section 1, calculating F=ma, and highlighted areas on the guided notes concerning forces. Part 2 test will be Friday. For this assessment, I will demonstrate a series of motions. Students will be asked to predict, make observations, and explain using Newton’s 3 laws.

Science Fair: I am working my way through all science fair packets. It will be documented on Progress Book by the end of the week as Science Fair #3. The students who turned in their packets on time from Room 307 have already had theirs returned. I will expect students to show me all 10 boxes on pages 19 completed by Monday Oct. 13. I think students are making great progress. Please be encouraging and supportive. All students should be beginning their trials this week. A minimum of 10 trials are required and will take most of the month of Oct. for most students. This is a critical time for the success of the project. Thank you for your support.

REMINDERS: Some students have not returned the Technology Policy Agreement. Please check that you have this on file. Google Apps for Education will be starting soon.

Sincerely, Mrs. Yaple

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