Yaple-8: Week of March 2

Science: Students have been learning about geologic time, relative dating, and fossils. They will be given a group project this week to research Ohio during the PALEOZOIC ERA. I have schedule a field trip to Byrd Polar Lab and the Orton Geologic Museum on the OSU Campus for April 16th. I want them to do some preliminary research so they are familar with some of the fossils they will be viewing during this tour. I am in need of a couple of parents to go with us, so if you are interested and can get the time off work, let me know. We will be taking a bus thanks to Home and School. There is no cost to the students for this field trip. A test over the material will be Thursday and the project due date is next week. They will be given some class time, but we will be reviewing the first part of the week. There are several lab sheets and guided notes to use as study material.

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