Yaple: 7th Grade update 1/8/15

Religion: On Monday students were assigned to find an article about someone who is being a Christian Witness. We discussed what it means to live your Christian values ( loving and serving others, and giving alms). We also discussed Theological and moral virtues. We will finsh Chapter 9 on Friday and test over the material on Tuesday. Chapter activity questions and chapter review will be due on Monday. Students will be assigned on Friday a New Year’s Resolution writing assignment that will be included as a LA/Religion/Health grade. This assignment will be due on Thursday 1/15.

January is Poverty Awarness month and the students will be assigned a month long activity investigating Poverty in The United States. There will be several graded assignments due throughout the month.

Science Fair: We are presenting in front of the class this week and the beginning of next. Please encourage your child to practice at home. Judging is from 8:40 till 11:30 in the gym. The judging is closed to the public, but the awards ceremony that begins appoximately 12:40 is open to everyone. The day is Wednesday 1/14. You are more than welcomed and encouraged to attend. After the awards, everyone attending is allowed to walk around and view the
projects. I am still looking for a volunteer to be the Hostess (getting lunch ready and helping the judges be comfortable).

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