Yaple-7: Week of Nov. 10th

Religion: Student will be reviewing Chapter 7 on Monday and will test over the material on Tuesday. We will begin Chapter 8 on Wednesday. Student should be researching their chosen saint and preparing for their presentation.

Science: We will review the proper constuction of graphs on Monday and the students will be assessed over the concept on Tuesday. The rest of the week the students will learn how to write an Abstract. Next week, I will be collecting the Science Fair packets and checking pages 30-31. The Written Report should be started next week.

Health: Students are working on their communication skills with a skit to be presented to the class on Thursday.

The student’s portion of our Holiday Happen raffle item is $3.00. Please send in as soon as possible. Mrs. Lipp is also collecting $7.00 for our fieldtrip to the Ohio Theater.

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