Yaple-7: Week of March 2

Religion: Students are viewing a DVD series called the Dangerous Journey. It is adapted from John Bunyan’s Pilgrim Progress and contains a lot of symbolism. Students have copies of the notes to follow as we view the series. Each day in Religion we will view an episode. This week will be episodes 2-5. There will be a quiz over episodes 1-5 next week on Tues. Students will be given the guidelines for the 9 Square project this week.

Science: Students are reviewing Work, Power, Simple Machines and Mechanical Advantage. They also have a Rube Goldberg project due on Friday (306 will have till Mon. 3/9 since they are one lesson behind). Test over the material will be Thursday 3/5. Students are expected to know the formulas for work, power, and efficiency. There are several worksheets to use as study guides plus, the guided notes.

Health: Students turned in worksheets for Chapter 4. They were a review over dietary guidelines. With the Social Studies Project and the Rube Goldberg, I didn’t want to give them another project right now. The worksheets should be entered into Progress Book within the next couple days.

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