Yaple-7: Week of March 16

Religion: Students are finishing the Dangerous Journey series on Tuesday. We will have a quiz over episode 6-9 on Thursday and the 9-square project is due Friday. We will go back to the book with the Holy Week lesson and test over the material next Tuesday.

Science: Students have practiced making series and parallel circuits in lab. We will review Tuesday and Wednesday with a test on Thursday. We will read about magnetism, make an electromagnet, and finish up with physical science next week. Students did very well making the circuits and I think there may be several future electrical engineers in the class.

Health: Students have been assigned a group activity to create their own physical fitness game. They were assigned worksheets for the chapter, which are due Thursday, and they will be given class time to work on their games. Mr. Eyerman will allow them to play the games in gym.

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