Yaple-7: Week of Feb.17th

Religion: Students will review the Lenten lesson and will be tested on Friday. We will begin a DVD Series called The Dangereous Journey. There will be quizzes along the way and there is an overall project called the 9-Square. All will be explained this week in class.

Science: On Progress Book under Energy Test you will see in the comment box, no mark, an O, or a R.
Students with no mark have mastered the concept and will move on to the next topic. Students with an O will be given on OPPORTUNITY to earn some make-up points. Students with a R are REQUIRED to complete a set of review material to receive some make-up points. All this will be discussed with the students on Wednesday with a turn in date of Friday 2/20.

Health: Students will be reading in class from the book. Traditional assessment will be given over the next chapter’s material.

Please have your child check their email and sign up for Rice Bowl. Father wants it to be strictly a 7th and 8th grade project. They can sign up on-line so please review the available dates and do your part for such a worthwhile project.

Please check that your child has their science book covered. Fabric covers are encouraged. I will be checking this week.
Thank you,
Mrs. Yaple

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