Yaple-7: week of 12/8/14

Religion: Students are working on a graph of the 2015 Liturgical Year. This project is 100 points for religion and science. They have been given a rubric and the project is due 12/12. We have read and reviewed the Advent Lesson from the back of the book. There will be a test over this material on 12/12. My plan is to start the Christmas Lesson on Thursady with a test next week. These will be the last assessments and projects before Christmas break.

Science: Students completed a lab over the Conservation of Mass last week. We are beginning the concept of Transfer of Energy. Students are designing a lab over the topic: Rate of Chemical Reactions. We will start reading Chapter 3 by the end of the week. I hope to assess over some of the material in Chapter 3 before Christmas break.

Science Fair: Written Report were turned in on Monday 12/8. I will grade them over Christmas break. Students should bring their completed 3-sided display to school on January 5th. I have a few 3-sided displays available if you need one, let me know.

Health: Students will test over Chapter 2 lessons 1,2,3 on Thursday. I decided to test now rather than waiting till we finished the Chapter. Some students need points to bring their grade up for Sports eligibility.

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