Yaple-7: As of 4/15/15

Religion: Students tested over Chapter 15 and they are graded and entered into Progress Book. We have started Chapter 16 and will finish it on Thursday. Friday they will have an opportunity to complete the review and the Unit pages.

Science: Students tested over magnetism and have begun Earth Science where we are comparing the similarity of the electron orbiting the nucleus and the Earth orbiting the Sun. They will be expected to know the Sun-Earth-Moon relationship and how it relates to seasons and moon phases. I hope to test over the material at the end of next week. It seems students usually grasp this concept easily so we will move quickly through this section.

Health: Students have been working on a Drug Awareness Project. They have been assigned a clasification of drug and are researching online. Each group will teach the class about the effects of drug use. Most group are creating a Slide Doc., but some are making posters. Presentations will start next week: Thursday 4/23.

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