Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers piling up their hands togetherAll volunteers must have a BCI background check on file in the school office and must attend “Protecting God’s Children” no matter how much or how little contact they have with children or youth, and no matter what time of the day or night they volunteer, per school and Diocese of Columbus policy.


Here are a some general descriptions of volunteer opportunities – Please visit SignUpGenius to volunteer.

Click here for a complete list of volunteer opportunities to print out.

Art & Clay After-School Volunteer- Assist in monitoring these scheduled classes 1 X month in the Spirit Center.

Contact: Home & School Officers = Sept – May = 1 hour per month

Attendee at Home and School Meetings – Your voice matters as a member of our association.  Please join the Home & School Officers each month to discuss changing agenda items for involvement and income/ expense matters from fundraising dollars.

Contact:  Home & School Officers

ALL SCHOOL PARTICIPATION, Sept – May = 1 hour per month


Back To School Picnic – Individual(s) will assist the Home & School Officers and the Principal with a gathering for all new and existing families at Firehouse Park (next to the Fire Station).  Event is usually held the evening prior to the start of school.

Contact:  Home & School Officersd, August, 1 hour


Book Fair Attendant (Scholastic Book Fair)– Assists Librarian with Set-up at start of week, Tear down at end of week, or monitors purchases for a 2-hour period during open hours of the Book Fair

Contact: Mrs. Mary Walsh, Librarian, 

3rd grade responsibility – Fall / Nov = 2 hours

4th grade responsibility – Spring / May = 2 hours


Cafeteria Servers –  Assist Cafeteria Manager with food prep and serving to the school children

Contact – Lynann Shea, Café Manager at lshea@cdeducation.org, August – May = varies


Class Field Trip Chaperone or Driver – Adults are necessary to help watch over the students or even drive on some field trips.  Protecting God’s Children, Valid Driver’s License and current Car Insurance is a MUST.

Contact:  Your child’s Teacher, Sept – May = minimum 1 hour


Classroom Volunteer – Our teachers need and appreciate assistance in their classrooms throughout the week.  Work will vary depending on the grade level and teacher.


Room Parent – This volunteer would assist the teacher in the area of organizing and contacting other parents for their help with class parties, field trips, class projects, etc.

Contact:  Your child’s Teacher, Sept – May = minimum 1 hour


Clinic Substitute – Adult medical personnel with a minimum RN degree fills in for the school nurse in her absence.

Contact: Nurse Debbie Wilson, Sept – May = varies


COSI on Wheels- Assist E2 Coordinator and COSI Team with exhibits 1 – 2 times per year

Contact: Lisa Crow at 614-354-8362, Sept – May = Minimum 2 hours


E2 Committee – Supports our “Enlighten and Enrichment” Program at school; programs such as School Assemblies, Class Field Trips, COSI on Wheels, and Alley Park Adventures are organized through this committee many times during the school year.  

If you have an idea for enrichment programs and/or can assist with coordination of a programs, please contact us.

Contact:  Lisa Crow at 614-354-8362, August – May = minimum 1 hour per month


Graduation Dance for 8th Grade – 7th Grade parents will coordinate the decorations, snack, chaperones, and Pre-Screened Music selection

Contact: Mrs. Lipp and Mrs. Yaple (7th Grade Teachers), May = Minimum 2 hours


Home and School Officer- hold a position as President or Secretary for a 2 year term (elected on even-numbered years); meetings are held 1 X monthly

Contact: Eileen Gundelfinger at joegundy@columbus.rr.com, June – May = 2 year term


Home and School Officer- hold a position as Vice President or Treasurer for a 2 year term (elected on odd-numbered years); meetings are held 1 X monthly

Contact: Alishia Snoke at chrissnoke@sbcglobal.net, June – May = 2 year term


Library Volunteer – Individuals will assist our librarian in varying areas as needed.

Contact: Mrs. Mary Walsh, Librarian, August – May = Minimum 1 hour


Primary Grade Tutoring/ Enrichment – These individuals help tutor primary students and/or provide enrichment activities under the direction of primary grade teachers.

Contact:  Mrs. Erin Schornack, August – May = varies


Science Fair Judge or Assistant – Assist with the set-up of science displays and other tasks outlined by the 7th and 8th Grade Teachers

Contact:  Mrs. Anita Yaple, 7th Grade Teacher, January = Min. 1 hour


School Directory – Individuals will compile students’ families names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, etc. from online signups and compile into booklet form; proof; take to printer; deliver directories to school office

This information is all inclusive and NEVER DISCLOSED.  

It’s a handy tool when you don’t know everyone in your child’s class or if you need a particular phone number to call to ask a question.

Contact:  Eileen Gundelfinger at joegundy@columbus.rr.com, Sept = varies


SCRIP Program – Individuals monitor sales of retail store/ gas/ grocery gift cards at face value, and our school earns various percentages of each sale.  Each family accumulates tuition credit based on purchases of these SCRIP cards under their family name.  Individuals will process all orders and maintain strict accountability for deposits and income.

Contact: Randi Anderson, Year Round duties


Special Interest Volunteers – Our teachers are always grateful to a parent / relative / friend who can donate their time and knowledge to enrich our children’s education.  If you have a special skill, hobby or interest that you would like to share with our children, please let us know. Some examples: artists, writers, athletes, linguists, musicians, Civil War expert, etc.

Contact: Your Child’s Teacher, Sept – May = 1 hour


Spirit Store – We will have a variety of “Spirit Items” available for sale in the Spirit Shop located around the corner from the school office.   Volunteers are needed keep website and order forms up to date and get approval for any new shirt designs and merchandise to carry

Contact: Paula Maier at spiritstore@saintmarylancaster.org, Sept – May = varies


Student of the Month Pancake Breakfast Coordinator – Individual(s) will assist the Principal in coordinating the pancake breakfast monthly for all students awarded this honor for grades K – 8.  

Contact Kacie Funk at Kevin_kacie@sbcglobal.net, Sept – May = 1 hour monthly

K-Kid, 1st and 5th grade responsibility


Teacher Appreciation Luncheon – Coordinate the food with Home & School Officers, decorations, servers (set up/ clean up)

Contact:  Eileen Gundelfinger at joegundy@columbus.rr.com, MAY = 3 hours

2nd and 8th grade responsibility


Uniform Exchange – Coordinates dates of clothing exchange so families can access uniforms at reduced rates; set- up / tear down, and solicits for gently used uniforms, generally 2 X year

Contact: Karrie Jackson 740-652-9277, November – May = 2 hours


Volunteer Coordinator – organizes all volunteer sign ups into categories; submits all names and contact info to appropriate committee chair or Teacher in a timely manner; continues to be a source for volunteers for the events throughout the year when needed.

Contact: Eileen Gundelfinger at joegundy@columbus.rr.com, August – May = varies






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