Two New Principals at St. Mary School

We were recently privileged to have not one, but two young men serve as “Principals for the Day”. Mr. Patrick Kenney was responsible for the school on Wednesday, December 17. According to Mr. Kenney, students were well behaved, and he did not have any difficult behavior. He took part in morning announcements, supervised a fire drill and performed office work.  When asked if he received any advice from his father before beginning his day, Mr. Kenny smiled and said, “My Dad said I should call a meeting with the Bishop”.

He said he is considering becoming a principal when he gets older. His school may be well-liked by his students, when asked what changes he would make if he could be principal for more than one day, he replied, “I would have early dismissal every day!” Mr. Kenney usually spends his days in Mrs. Foura’s 5th grade class.

DSC_6490 (1)

Our second new principal, Mr. Nick Harris took over on Thursday, December 19. Mr. Harris said the best part of his day was sitting in his new desk chair. Mr. Harris supervised morning announcements, made copies and worked in the office. Mr. Harris is a soft-spoken young man and doesn’t waste words talking about his duties! Mr. Harris usually spends his days in Mrs. Clouse’s Kindergarten class.


Our new employees earned this opportunity by being the winner bidder on the “Principal for a Day” package at the 2014 Holiday Happening Live Auction. If your child would like this opportunity, be the winning bidder at the 2015 Holiday Happening!



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