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October 12, 2016


Visit our website at for up to date information.

Important Reminders:

  • Thursday, October 13 and Friday, October 14 – NO SCHOOL (COUNTY FAIR)
  • Monthly tuition payments are due by the end of this week.  We greatly appreciate your timely payments!  Per school policy, all tuition accounts must be up to date before progress reports can be released on October 27.
  • Sunday, October 16 – Confirmation prep session for St. Mary Parish, 10:00am in the Spirit Center.
  • Monday, October 17-Friday, October 21 – Terra Nova Testing Week grades 2-8.
  • Please make sure your child dresses for the weather each day and has a school fleece, light jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt on cooler mornings with his/her name inside.  A reminder that middle school boys in grades 6-8 must wear ties every day now that shorts are no longer being worn to school.

From the Principal’s Office:

  • TERRA NOVA TESTING will take place next week.  PLEASE TRY TO LIMIT ABSENCES, TARDY ARRIVALS, AND APPOINTMENTS so that students can focus on testing, particularly in the mornings.  A full night of rest and a complete breakfast every morning are very important for the students during testing week.  Thank you for support!
  • The middle school House of St. Francis will be sponsoring a Halloween costume/casual day on Friday, October 28 for the whole school (Spirit Day will be moved to Wednesday, October 26).Students may come to school in costume or may wear casual dress (wear something orange).  Costume rules are as follows:

  – No outfits or costumes that are contrary to our Catholic school philosophy (if in doubt, check with your teacher before October 28!)

– Nothing gory, evil, scary, etc

– No clown costumes

– No face paint, hair paint/spray paint, or hair color

– No all-over or extreme face paint

– No weapons of any kind

– No masks or face coverings of any kind

– Nothing shorter than 2 inches above the knee

– No clothing that is mesh, see through, or fish net material

– No tank tops, midriff bearing tops, low cut tops, spaghetti straps, clear straps, or one shoulder straps

– No heels, flip flops, or backless shoes (boots ARE permitted)

– Wigs and hats ARE permitted

  • COMING SOON!  FLUency School Health Program
All families and staff are eligible to receive a FREE Kinsa Smart Stick thermometer.  The thermometer and free Kinsa app work with your smart phone to help you and your family stay healthier this school year.  You can track temperature, symptoms, medications and notes for each family member.
Please watch your child’s book bag in the coming days for more information.  The information will give directions on how to receive the free thermometer and sign up to join the St. Mary community, a group where parents can share, anonymously, common symptoms to help track patterns of illness that might be “going around” in your child’s classroom, or the larger St. Mary community.

Home and School:

  • Many of you may be new to our school and, therefore, new to Holiday Happening.  This event is our school’s largest fundraiser. We’ve eliminated other product sales (candy, wrapping paper, candles, etc.) over the years and have our fundraiser in ONE WEEKEND.  This year’s event is Saturday, November 12 from 3-8pm and Sunday, November 13 from 10am-3pm.  It’s held in the Main Building in the gymnasium, and we use the second and third floor hallways for games.

Why do we do TWO DAYS?  Simple.  It’s a FAMILY AFFAIR, and it’s our school’s UNIQUE    TRADITION.

So, why do we do this fundraiser?  We generate funds to offer FREE or REDUCED RATE activities.  The Home & School Association is proud to sponsor school-wide field trips, COSI on Wheels, Alley Park visits, Math, Science, and Art Enrichment Programs, guest speaker events, and more.

We ask that each family volunteer TWO HOURS during open hours of this weekend.

There is great need to help with preparations for this grand event, and we can use your help to:

    • decorate
    • assist in the kitchen preparing cinnamon rolls, assisting with other food prep, etc.
    • solicit for donations
    • retrieve donations from area businesses
    • etc.

Keep in mind that Holiday Happening is a COMMUNITY affair.  We invite outside dance companies to perform for our enjoyment.  We have large crowds who attend following all of the St. Mary Parish Masses.  These are community investors in our school.

This year, we have the following Team Leaders in place, and you are welcome to join any area of interest at any time :

    • Kitchen = Lynann Shea + YOU
    • Auction = Bobbie Van Fossen + YOU
    • Bake Sale = Heather Coakley + YOU
    • $1,000 Cash Raffle = Paula Maier + YOU
    • Children’s Raffle = Mitzi Neighbor + YOU
    • Decorations = Home & School Officers + YOU
    • Entertainment = Cindy Albert + YOU
    • Children’s Games = Home and School Officers + YOU
    • Advertising = Home and School Officers + YOU
    • PERSONALIZED CLASSROOM CREATIONS for each classroom for the Live Auction – If you (and another parent) would like to organize this project, please contact Eileen Gundelfinger asap.  You will work with your child’s teacher for the idea, supplies, and class time to create these masterpieces.  All Preschool classes and 1st and 2nd grades are covered and the teachers do not need assistance.  Thank You.

The goal is to have parents of younger students work alongside “seasoned” parents each year to learn about each area and possibly become a Team Leader in subsequent years.   This is how we grow and expand our event with fresh ideas, knowledge, and talents.

If you have any questions regarding Holiday Happening, please contact a Home & School Officer.

You may now sign up for your time slot for your child’s classroom’s area by using the link below.  For parents of multiple children, please choose one area and time slot of interest.  The link is:


  • Christy’s Pizza Cards for sale!  Purchase a card with SIX buy one get one free sticker coupons for only $25.00!  A portion of the proceeds comes back to our school.
  • Support Saint Mary School by ordering Schwan’s Home Food Service! Choose from hundreds of high quality products, including USDA choice meats, Grade A vegetables flash frozen at peak of freshness, and delivered right to your door!  By placing an order through, a portion of the sales will come back in support of Saint Mary School’s E2 Program (Enlighten and Enrichment). This program funds class field trips, COSI on Wheels, and Math, Science, and Art enrichment programs.  It’s super easy.  Please use the link:
  • Buy gift cards for items you are already going to purchase from our SCRIP program and a portion of the card amount will go towards your tuition!  Buy $200 in SCRIP in one month and earn a casual day pass for your child the following month.  Until further notice, we will not be selling Scripon Friday after school.  Please send your orders in on Monday or stop in the copy room by 10:00am.  Call Judy McGonagle 740-215-8456 or Amy Conrad 740-438-0689 with questions, or email:

Preschool and Kids CARE:

  • Do you have a child who is 4 years old and would like to ATTEND PRESCHOOL FOR FREE or at a substantially lower cost?  There are 2 spots left in our St. Mary Preschool for income based scholarships from the Ohio Department of Education.  Please contact Angie Eisenacher, our Preschool Director, at for more information about this exciting opportunity!  

Please send announcements for the Thursday Folder to the school secretary by 2:30 pm on Tuesdays.

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