Sixth Grade Classroom News

 Current Topics

Religion:  –  Chapter 14

Social Studies: : Chapter 12 “Southeast Asia”

Language Arts:  Literature Analysis: literary devices (foreshadowing, flashback, hyperbole, character analysis), answering literal and inferential questions based on the novel Things Not Seen


Vocabulary:  Units 14

Tests/Quizzes/Long-term Assignments for the week of 5/18 – 5/22

Religion:  Ch. 14 TestTuesday

All School Mass – Tuesday @ 9:00; Field Trip to Forest Rose Cemetery

Students must wear uniforms to school for Mass.  Bring House shirts to wear after lunch.

Language Arts:  Milk Carton Project due: Friday

Social Studies:  Time Line Project due: Wednesday;  Ch. 12 Test “SE Asia”: Thursday

Vocabulary:  Unit 14 TestWednesday

Please noteDaily assignments for practice and reinforcement are not listed above.  Check your agenda daily.

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