St. Mary School

SCRIP Fundraising/Tuition Credit Program


Guidelines and Policies

  1. The purpose of the SCRIP program is to provide an incentive for families to raise additional funds for the school, and therefore, help keep tuition costs down.
  2. The SCRIP fiscal year will run from April 1, through March 31.
  3. Order dates will be weekly, except during school holidays and summer vacation.  SCRIP orders will be taken twice a month during the summer months (schedule will be determined in May).  There is no obligation to participate in this program.  If you do choose to participate, there is no obligation to buy these gift certificates on a weekly basis.
  4. Order must be turned in no later than 8:30 a.m. Monday to be processed for that week.  Certificates will be returned to you Wednesday afternoon of the same week.  Order forms are sent home each week via the Thursday folder, and are always available in the Information Bin located outside the school office.  Order forms are also available online at the schools website: (click on SCRIP, then Scrip Order Form).
  5. All SCRIP orders must be accompanied by cash, check or money order made payable to SMHS SCRIP.  If your check is returned for any reason, you will be charged a $35 fee payable to SMHS SCRIP plus any bank fee.  After two checks are returned on your account, your SCRIP ordering privileges will be limited to money order, cashiers check or cash only.
  6. Everyone who purchases SCRIP will have the following 4 choices of distribution of the profits from your order:
    1. 50% to SMHS fundraising & 50% to your family’s St. Mary account for tuition credit
    2. 50% to SMHS fundraising & 50% to your family’s Preschool account for tuition credit
    3. 100% to SMHS fundraising
    4. 50% to SMHS fundraising and 50% gifted to another family’s account for tuition credit

If you have children enrolled in both St. Mary School and Preschool, your tuition credit will be credited to St. Mary School tuition.  It cannot be split between St. Mary and Preschool.

If your proceeds are to be gifted to another family for tuition credit, you must specify the family name to receive tuition credit with each order.

Upon request the SCRIP coordinator will provide statements to the participating families detailing earned tuition credit total.

If you leave St. Mary School, you must gift your tuition credit to another family within one year or the credit will be donated to Home and School.

  1. All orders must include the name and phone number of person ordering and method by which you would like to receive your gift cards/certificates.  The certificates can either be sent home with your child or picked up in the school office.  If parents choose to have the certificates released with their child, you must sign the WAIVER OF RESPONSIBILITY (on the order form) stating that you will not hold SMHS SCRIP responsible for any lost or misplaced certificates delivered in this manner.
  2. St. Mary teachers who participate in the SCRIP program are eligible to receive 50% of their total SCRIP earnings back in order to purchase needed items for their classroom.  Teachers who have children in the school may choose to have their 50% of earnings applied towards their children(s) tuition or towards classroom credit.
  3. The SCRIP Tuition Credit accumulated during the fiscal school year (April 1 – March 31) will be deducted from the following school year’s tuition.  This credit will be reflected on the Tuition Invoice mailed to each family.  Note: You must have minimum of $25.00 Tuition Credit accumulated to be deducted from your invoice.  If less than $25.00, the credit will remain in your account for the following school year accumulation.
  4. If this is your final year at St. Mary School, please note that we cannot issue you a check for your SCRIP earnings.  The balance must either be transferred to Fisher Catholic High School, gifted to another family’s tuition account or donated to SMHS SCRIP fundraising.
  5. Future Families: If you do not have a child currently enrolled at St. Mary School, but will in the future, you may begin accumulating credit for that child at any time.  Credits accumulated will be applied toward tuition for the first year of school.
  6. SCRIP programs are only available to non-profit organizations.  Therefore, if a family leaves St. Mary School for any reason after their tuition obligation is paid, any balance in their SCRIP earnings account can either be donated to SMHS SCRIP for fundraising, or gifted to another St. Mary Family to be applied to the following school year’s tuition. We are not permitted to issue checks to individual families. 
  7. SCRIP certificates are purchased on your behalf, and are not returnable unless somehow defective.
  8. When you receive your SCRIP certificates, please open your order and verify its accuracy.  In the event you should find a discrepancy in your order, please contact the SMHS SCRIP Coordinator within 3 days.
  9. SCRIP certificates are the same as cash, and should be handled accordingly.  SMHS SCRIP will not be responsible for certificates that are lost, stolen or misplaced while in your possession.  Terms and conditions of all certificates will apply and a copy of all certificate usage details is available upon request.
  10. Since you are receiving dollar for dollar value for your SCRIP purchases, these transactions are not tax-deductible.
  11. The SCRIP policies and guidelines will be reviewed annually and any changes will be made in writing.  SMHS SCRIP reserves the right to terminate the SCRIP program at any time.
  12. Any questions or suggestions regarding the SCRIP program should be directed to the SCRIP Coordinator, Judy McGonagle at 740-215-8456, or Amy Conrad at 740-438-0689, or email:



Kroger Community Rewards:  You can register your Kroger Plus Card for St. Mary School to earn money.  Go to Kroger’s website and click on Community.  Log in, and click on “my account”, then scroll down to find “rewards”.  Enter St. Mary Lancaster or our number “83479”.  Kroger sends a check quarterly for all accounts registered for St. Mary School.  To get the credit for your account added to your scrip account, you must print out your quarterly statement for the Community Rewards and send it into Scrip.  We will provide reminders in the Thursday Folder when it’s time to print your statement.  Your Kroger Plus Card must be re-enrolled every April to keep earning rewards for St. Mary School.  If you have any questions regarding Kroger Community Rewards, please contact scrip coordinator.


PLEASE NOTE: Meijer Community Rewards & Target Rewards are not a part of the SCRIP Tuition Credit Program.  Any proceeds from these programs directly benefit our school.



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