Nov. 17-Thanksgiving Grade 7 Mrs. Lipp

Religion:  Students will take Chapter 8 test on Tuesday.  Students will do the Chapter Review in class on Monday and review for Tuesday’s test.  Wednesday and Thursday’s homework will be the Unit 2 review pages 139-142. The rest of the week will be devoted to Saint Presentations.  Next weekMonday- students will review for the Unit Two test that will be given on Tuesday.

Social Studies:   Students will be finishing Lesson 3 and 4 over the next week.  There will be worksheets to accompany these lessons.  Students  will have to check the assignment board nightly.  A Chapter 3 test on Greek Civilization will be Tuesday of the following week.  Students should not wait until the night before to start studying.  Students have the guided notes in their binders along with the Chapter Summary.

Language Arts:  There will not be a Vocabulary Unit until after Thanksgiving Break.  Simple Solutions for next week are : Mon. #37-38; Tues. #39; Wed. #40; quiz on Friday.

We will be preparing for our field trip to see A Christmas Carol, by reading and listening to the drama in our Literature textbook.  This will take all of this week and next week.  Students will have questions to answer as we go along.  Students are to check the assignment board.


*Field Trip is Monday after Thanksgiving.  The bus will leave a little after 8.  Students are to arrive on time, we will not hold the bus and be late to the play.

**Please follow dress-up.  Students will not be permitted to wear jeans. If students do not have anything but jeans, they are to wear the school uniform.

***Mrs. Yaple and I will be ordering pizza for student lunch in the Spirit Center after we return from the play.

****Please continue to send in the field trip money- 7.00 with the permission slip… The Holiday Happening money-3.00… and any poinsettia/wreath orders you have.   Thanks so much.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving…….

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