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St. Mary Irish Café News


We will be celebrating Dr Seuss Week Mon. Feb 27th  – Fri. March 3rd  with a special dessert or food item each day.  

Monday we are having Truffula Fruit ( Strawberries)

Tuesday we are having Barbaloots (Teddy Grahams)

Wednesday we are having Gluppity Glupp w/ Humming Fish (chocolate pudding w/Swedish Fish)

Thursday we are having Dr Seuss’ Birthday Cake

Friday we are having Whisper-ma-phones (Bugles)

These special food items will be given to ALL students and are from his book The Lorax


As we begin the Lenten Season our menu options will change on Ash Wednesday and Fridays ONLY.

We will offer a Fish Sandwich Brown Bag and our Chef Salad toppings will include Tuna Salad, Hard boiled Egg and tomatoes in addition to the regular cheese and croutons.


March is National Nutrition Month

Build your tray the Healthy way

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