Mrs. Lipp Grade 7 Aug. 25-29

Hello,   The first week is under our belts and we are ready to go!   I am still missing some papers, emergency medical forms and money for the Scholastic Magazine.  Mrs. Wilson has sent home letters to parents whose child is missing their immunization.  Please check with Mrs. Wilson if you have questions.

Religion:  We are starting with the background of Jesus through a timeline of his life.  Students will be working on a timeline in class on Tuesday and Wednesday.  If it is not finished at the completion of class on Wed., it will need to be completed as homework.  Students will be given the rubric with the assignment on Tuesday.

Language Arts:  Both classes have started with Vocabulary Unit 1.  Because of the schedule, classes will be having their tests on different days.  Room 307 will have their test on Wed.,8/27. Room 306 will have their test next Tues.(because of Labor Day).        Literature:  Students have listened to a fiction selection which we will be comparing to a non-fiction selection later in the week.  Vocab exercises are due Wed. -307  and Mon.-306

Social Studies:  Students are working with Chapter 1, How Does a Historian Work?  Among the topics discussed are reliable sources, primary and secondary sources, bias etc.  Monday homework is 1.1 worksheet with questions #1-5 from page 9.  Tues. homework is 1.2 worksheet with questions from page 15 #1-5 on the back.  There will be a test on Chapter 1 on Friday.  Students have Guided Reading notes, ( which we will work with on Tues) and a Chapter Summary, that is divided into individual lessons.




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