March 9-13 Grade 7 Mrs. Lipp

Country Scrapbooks are due Monday, March 9th

International Food Fair is Wednesday, March 11th, all are welcome to view scrapbooks and enjoy a taste of international cuisine.  The  Food Fair takes place from 12:45-2:00 in the gym.

Religion:  Students continue watching and discussing The Dangerous Journey.   Tuesday is a 7th grade Mass; please join us.

Language Arts:  Vocabulary Unit 11 this week.  Vocabulary exercises are due on Thursday with the test on Friday.

Simple Solutions- Mon. # 77-78; Tues. # 79; Wed. #80 , SS quiz will be on Friday.

Students will be using their knowledge of plot elements  in the beginning stage of writing an original children’s story.  The story will not only be written by the student but illustrated as well.  The beginning stages of this project will be done during class. Students will receive oral instructions and a rubric.

Social Studies:  Students will complete Imperial China with the study of the Ming Dynasty.  As a final assessment for Imperial China, students will be constructing a time line.  The assignment is on page 326, #2.  Students will be given timeline paper and a rubric.  Students were made aware of this assessment at the beginning of the chapter.  This timeline is due on Friday, March 13.

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