March 16-20 Grade 7 Mrs. Lipp

Religion-  Students will complete The Dangerous Journey videos.  There will be a quiz on Friday, episodes #6-9.   Nine-Square, the final assignment, will be due on Friday. Students will get their paper to start this on Monday.  Students will be attending Mass on Tuesday at 9:00, receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Wed., and will be attending the Stations of the Cross on Friday.


Simple Solutions: Mon. #80-81; Tues. #82; Wed. #83; Thurs. #84; quiz will be Friday.

English- Students have been reading children’s books and brainstorming ideas.  On Monday, students will get a graphic organizer of their choice to begin mapping out their children’s story.  The beginning stages of this project will be done during class time, so that I can work with the students. The final due date is on the rubric; students will get the rubric on Monday.  The writing project is an original children’s story written and illustrated by the student.

Literature- Students will be working with inferences this week as we read and discuss the story, The Zoo.

Social Studies-Students will move from Imperial to Medieval Japan.  I will be giving each student an index card.  Students will choose between a ninja, a samurai, or a shogun to research.  All information is to be written on the index card.  Students will get the index card and rubric after we discuss that section in class this week. Students will need to check the homework board for assignment and deadline.

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