Kids CARE After School Program



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The Kids CARE (Creative, Academic, & Recreational Engagement) Program is meant to be an extension of the school day for children whose parents work. Kids CARE is designed to provide a variety of activities that will meet the educational and recreational needs of the children after school hours in a safe environment. Activities will be enriching and developmentally appropriate. The St. Mary School administration and the Kids CARE supervisor(s) are committed to attending to the needs of working parents.


1. To provide a safe environment for students whose parents work.
2. To combine academic, enrichment, cultural, and recreational activities.
3. To work collaboratively with parents to meet individual needs of children.
4. To help children develop new interests and skills.
5. To provide children with positive role models.


The Kids CARE Programs will be held in Room 102W in the primary building. Certain activities may be conducted in other locations on the school grounds, such as the gym, cafeteria or playground.

Hours of Operation

The Kids CARE program begins at 2:40 PM and is available until 6:30 PM. Children must be picked up by 6:30 PM. There will be a surcharge of one dollar per five minutes for any child picked up after 6:30 PM. This fee will be waived only in extreme cases of emergency nature.


Kids CARE supervisors/staff will have current background checks on file in the school office. All Kids CARE supervisors/staff must participate in a Protecting God’s Children program. All Kids Care Staff are certified in First Aid, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse and Neglect. A minimum staff to student ratio of 1:18 will be maintained at all times.  Kids CARE is under the supervision of the Preschool Director.


A $25.00 registration fee per child annually to cover cost of snacks and supplies is due the first week that your child attends Kids CARE.

Afternoon Program 2:40 PM-6:30 PM
Drop-in Daily Rate (child attends 1, 2, or 3 days per week) – $15.00/day/child
Full-time Rate (child attends 4 or 5 days per week) – $50.00/week/child


All students who will participate in the Kids CARE Program MUST be registered with the program prior to attending and must be at least five years of age. With this in mind, it is strongly suggested that all families who think they may use Kids CARE at any time during the year should complete the necessary registration forms during the first week of school. The registration policy will be waived when a parent accepts a new job, a new student registers at St. Mary School after the start of the school year, etc. The Director will make the decision to waive the registration policy.

For more information about Kids CARE please contact our Director, Mrs. Angie Eisenacher, at  Please see the handbook below for the complete listing of Kids CARE information, guidelines, procedures, and registration information. You can access the downloadable version of our Kids CARE handbook by clicking here.

Kids CARE Handbook17-18