Immunization Reminder for Incoming 7th Grade Students

St. Mary School

309 East Chestnut St.

Lancaster, Ohio  43130


May 2017


Dear Parent,


Several years ago the Ohio Department of Health added a new immunization requirement for students entering 7th grade.  Your child must get a booster dose of Tdap prior to the start of school next August.  The p in the above vaccine is pertussis(whooping cough).   Pertussis is what we see outbreaks of in the schools from time to time, thus we are hoping to prevent it.  Most school age children need a booster of tetanus by the time they reach junior high, thus the combination vaccine.  The only exception to this is if your child has a documented allergy or adverse reaction to pertussis in which case I would need a signed statement from the physician.  If this is the case you still need to ask the physician if it is time for your child to receive a tetanus booster.


The Ohio Department of Health has added a new vaccine this past year.  Your 7th grader will have to get the meningococcal  vaccine.  You may get these vaccines from your physician or  the Fairfield County Department of Health(1550 Sheridan Dr. Suite 100).    You may schedule an appointment by calling 740-652-2800.The health department will NOT bill private insurance. I believe some of the pharmacies carry these vaccines.


Your 7th grader must have these immunizations by the 10th school day of the 2017-2018 school year which begins August 22, 2017.


Please send me documentation after your child has received these immunizations so I can update your child’s immunization record at school.


Your child MAY have already had one or both of these  immunizations.  If you are not sure just call your physician’s office and then  provide me with documentation.  I will be in the office the rest of this week with the exception of  Friday afternoon,  You may call me to see if your child may have already had the immunizations and  sent me an immunization record in the past couple of years.  


I hope you all have a healthy, happy and RELAXING summer break!  I look forward to seeing you and your children in the fall of 2017.




Debbie Wilson, RN

Written by