Homework News

Ms. Van Evra’s 3rd Grade Homework

Week of:  May 18-22

Vocabulary Words

  1. blithely
  2. singular
  3. diner
  4. ramble
  5. pluck
  6. defend
  7. irony
  8. hatred
  9. constellation
  10. recognize


  •   Vocabulary grid (choose one). TEST FRIDAY!
  •   Simple Solutions #125
  •   Religion chapter 16 test today!


  •   Vocabulary grid (choose one). TEST FRIDAY!
  •   Math-Simple Solutions #126
  •   Mass (9am), must wear uniforms


  • Vocabulary grid (choose one). TEST FRIDAY!
  • Math- Simple Solutions #127


  •   Vocabulary grid (choose one). TEST TOMORROW!
  •   Math-Simple Solutions #128

Friday Spirit Day!

  •     Vocabulary test today!

**Please remember to check for any books belonging to our classroom or school. Return these books as soon as possible.

**There are NO BOOK BAGS on the last day of school (May 28).

Thank your for a wonderful year! I have greatly enjoyed getting to know your child. I will truly miss them and wish them the best in years to come.

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