Grade 7 Nov.3 – 7 Mrs. Lipp

Religion:  Students will begin this month with individual research and presentation on a saint.  Students will be picking a saint, one of a family member, a patron saint of a hobby etc.  They will need to give me the name as soon as they have made their decision.  Saints will not be repeated.  Students will given the rubric with instructions on Tuesday.  In class, students will be reading and discussing Chapter 7.

Social Studies:  Students will take a chapter 3 test on Monday.  Students were given the essay question last Thursday, in order to prepare.  On Tuesday, we will proceed to Chapter 4, Greek Civilization.

Language Arts:    Vocabulary  Unit  5 this week.  Room 306 will have exercises due on Friday, with the test to be the following Monday.  Room 307 will have exercises due on Monday, with their test to be the following Wednesday.

Simple Solutions:  Homework: Lessons:  Monday# 29-30; Tuesday #31; Wednesday# 32 – quiz will be on Friday.

Grammar: Students will be reviewing various lessons dealing with pronouns.  Students will need to check the homework board for any homework practice.

Literature: Students will continue discussing the short story, Al Summer In a Day.  Students are writing a sequel to the story.


Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences on Wednesday, from 3-8:30


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