Grade 7 Mrs. Lipp Oct. 13-17th

Religion:  Students will begin Unit 2 with Chapter 5.  Students will be learning about the Kingdom of God, through Jesus’ parables that are found in Matthew’s Gospel.  There will be a Chapter 5 test next Tuesday.  7th graders will be readers, gift bearers and ushers at Tuesday’s Mass.

Language Arts:  Students will have both Simple Solutions and a Vocabulary Unit this week. Simple Solutions:  Mon.- #21-22; Tues.- #23; Wednesday.- #24.  The quiz will be on Friday.  **Room 306 Vocabulary exercises due Friday,Oct, 17th with a test next Monday, Oct. 20th.  **Room 307 Vocabulary- exercises due Monday Oct. 20th with a test Wednesday, Oct. 22nd.

Terra Nova Practice tests will be done in Language Arts this week. 

Social Studies:  Students will get a chance to share their god, goddess or beast project.  Students will then move on to Chapter 3.3, Greece and Persia.  Depending on the projects, reading, and class discussions, students may complete the section.  Students will have to check the homework assignment board for daily assignments.

Terra Nova testing is next week:  Students need to get a good night’s sleep, eat a healthy breakfast and arrive on time to school.  Students may bring a healthy snack for testing break.  Please keep in mind that I have 2 students with severe tree-nut and peanut allergies.  Students will need to bring a snack that doesn’t contain either of those, as students will not be allowed to eat in the halls.

End of the Quarter is next Friday.  I will take late assignments up until Friday.  All  tests and assignments missed during Fair Week will need to be  made up and turned in before the end of the day on Friday.


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