Grade 7 Jan. 12-16/2015 Mrs. Lipp

Religion–  Tuesday students took the Chapter 9 test.   Wednesday, Fr. Eilerman will be teaching students.  Students will start studying Chapter 10, The Eucharist.  Next Tuesday, students will be tested on Chapter 10.

Language Arts-  Simple Solutions this week  # 53-54 on Monday, # 55 on Tuesday, #56 on Wednesday.  The quiz will be on Friday.

NO vocabulary unit this week.  Next week students will have Unit 8.  Students may start early on it if the wish.

Literature– Students are reading Outsiders. Students are reading on their own, participating in class discussions and working on questions in Literature groups.  Assigned reading for this week, Monday-chapter 1;    Tuesday-chapters 2-3; Wednesday- chapters 4-5; quiz on Chapters 1-5 on Friday.

Social Studies–  Students this week will begin Chapter 6, Roman Culture.  They will also be reading and discussing the new Junior Scholastic Magazine on current events.

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