Grade 7 Feb. 23-27th Mrs. Lipp

Social Studies:  Students will have their Chapter 9 test on Monday.  Students had ample notice.  We reviewed last Wednesday in class.  They were told to bring home all information.  If your student does not have their Chapter Summary, they can contact another student and have them take a picture of it and text it to them. ( this was an idea of another student)   Students will begin Chapter 11: Imperial China on Tuesday.

Religion:  Students will take the Lent test on Monday.  Again students had notice and were told on Wednesday to take their books home.  On Tuesday, we will begin a 2-3 week Lenten project called, The Dangerous Journey.  Students will watch 9- 15 min. videos  in class; a class discussion will follow each video.  There will be 2 quizzes and one art project to complete project.

Language Arts:  Last week’s Simple Solution quiz will be on Tuesday.  There will not be Simple Solution lessons this week.

Vocabulary: Unit 10 this week.  Introduction of words on Monday, exercises are due on Wednesday and students will take the test on Friday.

Literature:  Students are working on their cartoon sequel to Rikki-Tiki Tavi.

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