Grade 7 Feb 1-5 Mrs. Lipp

Religion-  Students will complete Chapter 12 on Tuesday with the test on Wednesday of this week.  Students will work on the Unit Review in class on Thursday- Friday.  Monday, we will review the unit in class.  The unit test will be next Tuesday, Feb. 9th.

Language Arts-  Simple Solutions-Lessons; Mon. #65-#66; Tues. #67; Wed. #68; quiz will be on Friday.

Vocabulary Unit 9- exercises are due on Wed. and the test will be on Friday.

Outsiders- there are a few Literature groups that need to complete the final group essay.  These groups will have the opportunity to complete it during their study hall on Monday or Tuesday.  ALL essays and question packets are due NO later than Wednesday.

Students will be returning to the Literature book and will be reading Rikki Tikki Tavi.  Students will be learning about the elements of a plot.

Social Studies-  Students will be completing Chapter 6, Lesson 3 on Tuesday. Worksheet 12.3 will need to be completed as homework, if not finished in class.  Wednesday will be a  class review day.  Chapter 6 test will be on Thursday.

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