St. Mary School- At a Glance

At St. Mary School, our mission is to share the traditions of Catholicism through faithful service to others, and to build enduring academic foundations that foster the growth of individual gifts in a 21st century learning environment.


At St. Mary School, we believe that:

Christ is the reason for our school, and as a Catholic institution all that we do is based on our faith.

Students need a supportive and challenging learning environment that nurtures individual God-given gifts.

Students need to develop the skills and real-world applications necessary to thrive in the 21st century including collaboration, digital literacy, critical thinking, problem solving, and technological proficiency.

A variety of instructional activities provide support for student learning and meet their diverse needs.

Assessment includes a wide range of opportunities that allow students to demonstrate their knowledge and achievement.

Personal responsibility and leadership are skills that are essential for students to develop in order to live their faith in a global community and become contributing members of the Church and society.

A community-based climate of learning in partnership with educators, parents, and students is imperative to the spiritual, social, academic, and personal growth of each child.

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