Band Updates – Please Read!

BAND SCHEDULE ~  FYI – The Band schedule will be changed to allow for some practice time before school so the students will only miss first
period, one time during the week.  The new schedule will start the week of September 2 and will be as follows:

Monday before school – grades 6/7/8 (7:25-7:55am)
Monday 1st period – grade 6

Wednesday before school – grades 6/7/8 (7:25-7:55am)
Wednesday 1st period – grade 5

Friday before school – grade 5 (7:25-7:55am)
Friday 1st period – grades 7/8

If the students’ mode of transportation does not permit the student to arrive at school by 7:25, please go to band as soon as you arrive at
school for the morning practices.

*In the event of a Monday holiday, the 6th grade band class will meet on Tuesday of that week, during 1st period.  For example, they will meet on
Tuesday, Sept. 2, due to being out of school on Labor Day.


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