April 6-10 Grade 7 Mrs. Lipp

Religion:  Students will be reading and discussing Chapter 15,  Resurrection and the Call to Discipleship.   The Chapter Review will be done Thursday and the test taken Friday.

Social Studies:  Students will begin Chapter 13, The Middle Ages.  This is a long chapter.  As we progress through the chapter, students will be working on section worksheets and vocabulary activities.  Today, students were given the Chapter Summary pages along with a list of vocabulary words for their study.

Language Arts:  NO VOCABULARY this week..  I did tell the students that we will have a unit next week if they want to get started studying the words.

Simple Solutions:  Tues.-#89-90; Wed.-#91-92   quiz on Fri.

Literature-  Students will be reading and discussing the drama, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.

Writing-  LAST day to turn in Children’s book is Friday.  Students will be writing a persuasive essay this week.  They will be using the grammar book,  along with a graphic organizer, to guide them.

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