April 13-16 Grade 7 Mrs. Lipp

Religion:  Students will be discussing Chapter 16, Pentecost.  Chapter Review will be assigned as classwork on Thursday; test will be on Friday.

Language Arts:  Vocabulary: Unit 12, I believe.  Exercises will be due on Wednesday and the test will be on Friday.

Simple Solutions:  Mon. # 93-94; Tues. #95; Wed. #96; quiz will be on Friday.

Literature:  Students will continue the discussion of The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.  Students will be working on various activities during class and some students may need to complete them as homework.

English:  Students are working through the steps as they write a persuasive essay this week in class.  Students have the graphic organizer and their topics have been chosen.

Social Studies:  Feudalism in the Middle Ages will be the topic this week.

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