Tuition Rates and Policies

Tuition Assistance, Grades K-8

To be considered for Tuition Assistance you MUST complete the FACTS application found at  Deadline for FACTS submission is March 15, 2016!

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Preschool Clovers

3 days/week    Mornings only           8:00am-11:00am     Tuesday-Thursday           $1,200.00

3 days/week    Afternoons only        12:00pm-3:00pm    Tuesday-Thursday           $1,200.00

Preschool Shamrocks

5 days/week    Mornings only           8:00am-11:00am     Monday-Friday                 $1,900.00

5 days/week    Afternoons only        12:00pm-3:00pm    Monday-Friday                 $1,900.00


Families that have two or more children registered in the St. Mary Preschool will pay the full program rate for their oldest child, and receive a 2% discount off the tuition rate for regular classes only for each additional child registered in the Preschool program.


 Preschool Full Day Options for Morning Classes

The option to attend full day can be added on to any of our morning classes.

3 days per week                11:00am-4:30-pm   Regular Morning Class Tuition + $2,000.00

5 days per week                11:00am-4:30pm     Regular Morning Class Tuition + $3,100.00


Tuition for the full day attendance is billed in addition to tuition for morning classes. No discounts will be applied to full day tuition.


Preschool Extended Option for Afternoon Classes

The option to attend for an extended class session can be added to any of our afternoon classes.

3 days per week                3:00pm-4:30pm      Regular Afternoon Class Tuition + $850.00

5 days per week                3:00pm-4:30pm      Regular Afternoon Class Tuition + $1,000.00


Tuition for the extended afternoon class is billed in addition to tuition for afternoon classes. No discounts will be applied to extended class sessions.





Parishioner Tuition – Tuition Subsidized by St. Mary of the Assumption Parish & Other Parishes (Per pupil cost = $5,100.00)

RatePaid by the FamilyPaid by the Parish

First Child                                    $3,300.00                                 $1,800.00

Second Child                                $3,160.00                                 $1,940.00

Third Child and others              $3,060.00                                $2,040.00


In order to be eligible for St. Mary Parish subsidy a family must meet four criteria as a participating parish family:

  • Registered in St. Mary of the Assumption Parish.
  • Recognized by the Pastor as a family that participates in the sacramental life of the parish.
  • Contributing their time and talent to the ministries of the parish.
  • Regularly contributing an appropriate portion of their income to the financial support of the parish (see Grades K-8 Tuition Payments and Policies below for additional information).


Families registered in other parishes may request tuition subsidy from their home parish to offset the per pupil cost. Their home parish must recognize them as registered, participating, and contributing parishioners, at the discretion of their Pastor. Arrangements to request subsidy from a home parish must be made between the family and their Pastor. If their home parish does not approve their request for subsidy, the family will be assigned the non-participant rate below.


Non-Participant Tuition (Per pupil cost = $5,100.00)

Rate                                   Paid by the Family

Each Child                           $5,100.00 (full per pupil cost)


A non-participating family is one that is not a registered or participating in, and contributing to St. Mary of the Assumption Parish or another parish (at the discretion of the Pastor).



There is a $100.00 non-refundable registration fee due for each family enrolling, which is deducted from the total tuition due for the year. Tuition payments may be made in the following manner:


Full Payment:     5% discount off your tuition, Tuition must be paid in full by July 1, 2016

Monthly Payments:     10 equal payments, Payments due the 15th of each month July-April

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Click here for a complete guide on tuition rates and policies.

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