8th Grade Homework 9-29-14

Religion:  Chapter 3 website poster is due tomorrow (Tuesday).  We started Chapter 4 and the test will be next Tuesday.  The Get Connected for Chapter 4 is due then, too.

Social Studies:  There is a map quiz over the 13 colonies tomorrow (Tuesday).

Language Arts:  Students are to write a writer’s notebook entry each night.  I am beginning to assess their notebooks.  Quarter 1 poems are due Oct. 15.

Miss Cale’s homeroom has a Unit 3 vocabulary test this Friday.  They are to bring pre-writing for a topic of their choice.

Mrs. Van Evra’s homeroom’s Unit 3 test will be next Monday.

Both classes will have nightly practice work to prepare for the test.

Please return the signed technology use forms that were sent home last week.

St. Mary Parish students have a required Confirmation meeting this Sunday at 10:00 in the Spirit Center.  Please contact Mr. McCauley if you have questions.

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