8th Grade Homework 9-23-14

Religion:  There is a chapter 3 test this Thursday.  Students should study highlighted notes in book.  The Get Connected for the chapter is also due Thursday.  We are working on a poster in class and it will be due next Tuesday.

Language Arts:  Students are to write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.  Quarter 1 poems are due Oct. 15 or earlier if finished.  Please follow rubric guidelines.  Edgar Allan Poe essay is due Thursday.  Tuesday Simple Solutions is lesson 17, Wednesday is lessons 18 and 19, and Thursday is lesson 20.  The quiz is Friday.

Social Studies:  There is a quiz tomorrow (Wednesday) over Chapter 3, lessons 3 and 4.  I also have a quiz over the map of the 13 colonies scheduled for this Friday.


Benediction is this Thursday at 1:45.

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