8th Grade Homework 5-5-14

Religion: We are working toward a test over chapter 6 next week. The get connected for the chapter will be due on the day of the test.

Language Arts: Students are to write a nightly writer’s notebook. I am beginning to assess writer’s notebook for quarter 4. Quarter 4 poems are due by May 21;requirements for poems were given at the beginning of the year and should be in student language arts binder. There is a practice sheet for grammar and there is a quiz tomorrow over gerunds. We started unit 10 vocabulary today. There will be nightly practice and the text is next Monday.

Social Studies: A Lewis and Clark webquest is due this week. It is for a grade. Mr. Dye’s reflection is due this Thursday. There will be a short quiz on Thursday over Chapter 17, lesson 1.

Composite picture money is due by May 12.

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