8th Grade Homework 5-18-15

Language Arts:  There are no simple solutions lessons this week.  There will be a post simple solutions test Wednesday.  Students are still to write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.

Social Studies:  We are finishing our small group presentations about Civil War battles.

All late assignments are due Wednesday.  They will not be accepted after Wednesday.

Tomorrow the middle school is traveling to Forest Rose Cemetery to place flags on the graves of our veterans.  Students are to bring their house shirts to wear over their uniform. 

A reminder that 8th grade graduation is Thursday, May 28 at 7:00 in St. Mary Church.

Please remind your child to look for any classroom books marked 302 or Van Evra and to return them to me please.  Also, any subject textbooks that were borrowed to keep at home should be returned as soon as possible.



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