8th Grade Homework 5-11-15

Religion:  There will be a quiz over our Blessed Mother on Monday, May 18.

Language Arts:  Quarter 4 poems are due this Wednesday, with the rubric that was given at the beginning of the quarter.  Requirements for the poems can be found in student’s language arts binder.  Simple Solutions lessons 117 & 118 are due Tuesday and 119 & 120 are due Wednesday.  The quiz is Thursday.  The end of the year Simple Solutions quiz is next Wednesday.  There will be a test over “Flowers for Algernon” Wednesday.  Students are to write nightly writer’s notebook entries.  Notebooks are being collected for assessment.

Social Studies:  We are working on small group presentations for a Civil War battle.  Presentations will begin Friday.


  • Field Trip form due Wednesday.  Please be prompt with this as we need to organize drivers.  Thank you.
  • Any missing work is due by next Wednesday.  This is a firm date as time is limited to grade late work and have grades entered for report cards.  No late work will be accepted after next Wednesday.
  • Please continue to encourage your 8th grader to continue to put forth their best effort these last days.  Thank you.

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