8th Grade Homework 4-28-14

This is a very busy week!
Religion: We are finishing a comparison of Gospel accounts of the Resurrection in Religion and then will begin chapter 6. The essay about the role of Mary in their life is due Friday. Two people will be selected to crown Mary based on this essay.

Language Arts: Quarter 4 poems are due May 21 or before. There is a unit 9 vocabulary test this Wednesday with a written application of words. Nightly practice exercises Monday and Tuesday. There will be practice work given for gerunds to prepare for a quiz probably early next week.

Social Studies: There is a chapter 16, lessons 2 and 3 quiz Wednesday. Notes were reviewed last Friday. A reflection on Mr. Reed’s Civil War presentation is due Tuesday. A reflection on a financial literacy presentation is due Thursday. There will be a quiz over a Civil War map on Monday. The Lewis and Clark webquest being completed in computer lab is due next week for a social studies grade.

Wednesday is a “blue” dress down day for a donation of $2.00 for child abuse prevention.
Benediction is Thursday at 1:45.
Friday is a casual day and 8th grade will help unload flowers. There is an early dismissal Friday at 1:00.

Flower sale pick up begins at 2:00 this Friday. Please be patient as we try to assure all orders are filled correctly. Thanks to all who supported the tuition assistance flower sale!

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