8th Grade Homework 4-27-15

Religion:  The Blessed Mother essay is due Wednesday.  We are working in chapter 9 and the test will be early next week.  The Get Connected will be due on the day of the test.  Benediction is Thursday at 1:45.

Language:  The unit 9 Vocabulary test is Tuesday.  The test is over only spelling and definitions.  Students are to write a nightly entry in their writer’s notebook.  Writer’s notebooks will begin to be collected next week and assessed for quarter 4.  Quarter 4 poems are due May 13.  Simple Solutions lessons 109 and 110 are due Tuesday and 111 and 112 are due Wednesday.  The quiz will be Thursday.  Depending on how far we read in our literature story, vocabulary for the story may be assigned this week or next week.

Social Studies:    Students are to finish their thank you letter to our guest speakers by tomorrow.  The Mr. Dye and Mr. Reed reflections are both due by Friday.


Interims will be posted Thursday.  No late work will be accepted in order to change interim grades.  Students are to continue to do their best to meet deadlines.

Please return the field trip form to the Josephinum.  We hope to go on Friday, May 8 if we have enough drivers. 

A letter will be coming home concerning 8th grade graduation.  Please sign and return it.

Please ask your child to check their schedules.  The flower sale is this weekend and the shifts are Friday from 1:00-3:30 and 3:30-6:00.  Saturday shift is 9:00-12:00.  Thanks in advance for any help students can provide.


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