8th Grade Homework 3-2-15

Religion:  Lenten pages in the book are due Tuesday.  Stations of the Cross parts have been assigned.  Thanks to all students who turned in the parent form.  We will begin practicing next week.

Language Arts:  Simple Solutions lessons 81 & 82 are due Tuesday and 83 & 84 are due Wednesday.  The quiz will be Thursday.  This is a change as students will begin to take the quizzes on-line.  An optional essay based on Jackie Robinson is due March 11.  We will begin work on an argumentative essay this week.  This will require outside of school research.  Students should write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.

Social Studies:  A junior scholastic skill sheet is due by Thursday.  Students need to say or sing the preamble of the Constitution to me by Friday.  An optional Mapman contest is due by March 26.  We will begin work on a partner research project using a new program called goanimate4schools.  We are very excited about this!


Please continue to vote for our school in the NBC grant competition.  Our title is Technology is Elementary.  Please go to the school website for more information and help us win this grant!

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