8th Grade Homework 2-9-15

Religion:  We are working on Chapter 7.  The Chapter test will be given next Tuesday, March 17.  Although giving a test after a 3 day weekend is not ideal, it is the only option as Wednesday is Ash Wednesday and we need to wrap up this chapter.  The Get Connected for the chapter is due the day of the test.  Valentines for the prayer service are due this Friday.  The Saint Mary Confirmation retreat is this Sunday.  Students should be checking home calendars as they will be asked to participate in the parish Rice Bowl Lenten collection during Sunday masses.  We encourage students to be an active participant in this service to the parish.

Language Arts:  Simple Solutions lessons 73 & 74 will be completed Monday night, lesson 75 Tuesday night, lesson 76 Wednesday night and the quiz will be Friday.  Students will complete a vocabulary exercise for homework Tuesday night.  It is related to MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech.  Students are to write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.  We will being Unit 7 in vocabulary this Friday.

Social Studies:  There is a quiz Wednesday over chapter 9, lesson 2.  Guided notes were reviewed in class today.  We will begin lesson 3 tomorrow using guided notes.  Notes may need to be completed at home.  There is an anticipated quiz over lesson 3 this Friday.  A chapter 9 test will take place next week either Wednesday or Thursday.  Students should keep guided notes for all 3 lessons and a study guide will be provided.

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