8th Grade Homework 2-23-15

Religion:  St. Mary students are to be confirmed Tuesday, February 24.  Students please arrive no later than 6:15.  Please keep our students to be confirmed in your prayers.

The House of St. Stephen is collecting food items for Sandwich Saturday.  Please consider donating a loaf of white bread, individually wrapped American cheese, or bologna.  Turn in is this Friday.  Thank you for your generous spirit.

Language Arts:  Vocabulary exercises will be assigned this week for Unit 7.  Room 304 test is this Friday and Room 302 test is next Monday.  A prewriting sheet and rubric was given.  Simple Solutions lessons 77 and 78 for Monday, 79 for Tuesday, 80 for Wednesday and the quiz is Friday.  There may be skill sheet for Junior Scholastic assigned during the week.  Students are to write nightly writer’s notebook entries.

Social Studies:  Students will need to orally say or sing the Preamble to the Constitution by next Wednesday.  They may do this individually or in a group of 3 or 4.

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