8th Grade Homework 2-2-15

Religion:  Valentines with a compliment written to a classmate are due Friday, Feb. 13.  A list of classmates’ names was given.  Chapter 7 test anticipated early next week as we just began the chapter.  The Get Connected will be due on the day of the test.

Language Arts:  Simple Solutions lessons 69 & 70 Monday night, 71 Tuesday night, and 72 Wednesday night.  The quiz will be Friday.  There will be a multiple choice test over “The American Dream” speech.  Students have a copy of this speech.  We will begin to read and analyze the “I Have a Dream” speech hopefully Wednesday.  Students may need to finish reading the speech at home.   We are working on Units 4-6 review in vocabulary and nightly practice will be assigned.  Students should write a nightly writer’s notebook entry.  An assessment sheet was given to them to place in their data section of their binder so they know what to expect for evaluation at the end of the quarter.

Social Studies:  A reflection on Mr. Dye’s World War I presentation is due Tuesday.  This involves a packet of information given to the students.  Students will work on a written response about being a citizen.  This will be due Wednesday.


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